Work Injury Case Management & Work Safety Training


We reduce your stress by handling your work injury cases. Injury treatment, compensation, exams, and other resources you need!

Speak To A Live Case Manager

We will not only find your employee’s treatment options, exams, and medical services, we will help handle the entire case! We’ll coordinate with your business to ensure that your employees receive high quality care and come to a resolution that’s best for all parties.
Ongoing Communication
Let us do the bulk of the communication! We coordinate with you, your doctors, and providers to make sure they are on the right track for your employees treatment and case resolution
Appointment Scheduling
We help you find physicians and physical therapists that specialize in treating your employee’s injuries. We will also schedule and remind them of future appointments.
Medical Coordination
At Chicago Injury Network, we collect and organize employee medical records, reducing the time it takes to retrieve records from providers and minimizing additional costs to your case.
Workers' Compensation
We work with businesses to coordinate and resolve workers compensation cases in a matter that works for all parties.
Occupational safety

The best resolution to injuries are preventative actions. Steps such as on-site testing and analysis, OSHA compliance, and access to records can help prevent future cases. That’s why we’ll help you find, coordinate, and work with occupational safety resources to do exactly that.

Medical Referral Program

Chicago Injury Network works with hundreds of doctors and specialists in the Chicagoland area. Everyone’s injury is different. We create custom, personalized treatment plans.
Injury Care and Rehab
Finding a specialist can be difficult. We can help you find the highest quality surgeon or specialist to efficiently resolve your employee’s case.
Physicals & Exams
A proper diagnoses can be tricky business. That’s why we work with the highest rated physicians in Chicago to properly diagnose and treat your employee’s injuries. DOT Medical Card, Non-DOT Basic Physicals, and Qualitative Mask Fitness Tests: we’ll find the right provider for your business.
Medical Services
We’ll help you find the right services for all your needs. From EKG’s & X-rays to immunizations, we will provide you with medical professionals that will get the job done.

What To Expect From Us?

Free consultation
Request a case management consultation or chat with us online about your case! 
Serving Chicagoland
We work directly with top rated resources and medical professionals throughout Chicagoland. We have the knowledge and insight into who can help you with your specific injury.
So, you’ve had an injury in the workplace. What do you do now? Resolving your employee’s injury claims and treatment can be a daunting process. We’ll help you every step of the way as you resolve their claim, find and provide medical treatment, and improve occupational safety standards.  We’ll answer all of your questions, schedule your appointments and help reduce the stress of your case. The best part, it won’t cost you a penny.